"You know that feeling? That feeling like your stomach twists itself in to a knot that’s impossible to unravel. I often mistake it for hunger. That’s why I eat so much I guess. But I know the feeling and I know why it’s here. It haunts me almost every day and it has been haunting me sense I was a little child.

It’s this feeling of absolute loneliness. Even if you know that you’re not alone. You’re actually sounded by friends and family that loves you, but there’s a small whispering voice in your head that tells you lies. It whispers in your ear that nobody really cares. It’s that little voice that makes you drive away the people you love and keep your distance. It tries it hardest to make you believe all the things that it sees and the only solution you can find to drowning it out, is to empty that whiskey bottle you hid in the corner.

After that you’re numb. You lie down and stare at the celling. The room around you is quiet, except for that infernal ticking clock. But eventually. that goes away as well.

So you lay the in the nothingness you created for yourself. Thinking about all the people you lost and how alone you really are. All because of that voice. All because that little whisper that told you you’re not really good enough. You don’t deserve to be loved."




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