"Why do you look so sad at night"
"When you lean out your window at night, when you smoke, why do you always look so sad?"
"The street light turns them pink at night."
"the flowers"
" you mean the big yellow ones outside your bedroom window?"
"Yes. And when I see them against the stars In the sky, it feels like I'm in an other world. A dreamscape. A hole other planet where there's just this tree, covered in pink peddles and there's just stars all around me. It's a beautiful lonely dream. All alone. Total peace.
But the longer a look, they start to turn back. To yellow i mean. And that's beautiful to but it's not... It's not my dream. And that's why I'm sad. Because the longer I try to hold on to my dream, the more I see it drift away. Until I'm back in this world again. Starring out my bedroom window trying to hold on to something that doesn't even exist. It's just so sad you know?"
"Well your eyes get used to the dark I guess. It's not worth getting upset over tho is it? I mean, it's just flowers."
"It's not just flowers. It's my escape. My own dream. How would you feel if every night you cold see something wonderful, something that you dream about and every night, you have to see it slowly slip away?"
"Probably pretty depressed..."
"I dream of things that doesn't exist. And even tho it's not real, it slips away every night. That's why I'm sad"


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